Most wedding videography service providers will offer a range of set wedding packages which can actually save you some money. Wedding videography packages are a good option to take when you are unsure exactly what you want from your wedding film.

What’s included in a videography package can vary from one provider to another, but most will have the same basic elements. In most cases, you can choose a package that best suits your budget and then add in any extra services that the videographer may offer on top of their packages to truly personalise your wedding film and make it all about you.

What’s in a standard wedding videography package?

Knowing what you will get for your money is useful and a regular package will answer most of your questions. The details will include facts such as who will be present at your wedding, for how long, and the type of video equipment will be used to capture your wedding.

You can expect your wedding videography package to include information about:

  • How many hours of coverage offered. This could be a four-hour package, or an eight-hour package, for example
  • The number of videographers present. Many videographers will work solo, but some will bring an assistant to help shoot from different angles
  • The video equipment to be used. This will include cameras, lighting and audio equipment
  • Deliverables. This is the term used by videographers that means what you will receive from your service after the wedding – namely an edited wedding film, unedited footage etc.

Hopefully, this has given you an insight into what you can expect from a standard or basic wedding videography package.