Wedding video ideas

With there being more ways than ever to watch and share a wedding video, it’s no surprise that the wedding videography business is booming. Whilst a few years back it might have been an afterthought or ‘nice to have if we have any money left over’ item for many couples, it is now commonly regarded as just as essential as hiring a photographer to film your big day.

A wedding videographer can film your wedding day in a fun and exciting way, whilst still producing a professional looking and sounding video. This is something that you can watch and relive again and again, whereas a poor quality film made by a well-meaning relative with a camcorder is likely to be put away, never to be seen again.

Here are a few ideas for making your wedding video engaging and fun.

Tell it like a story

Storybook style wedding videos are becoming increasingly popular – just like on the big screen, movies are typically more entertaining than documentaries. If the speeches are full of stories and anecdotes about your childhood or how you first met, give your videographer some photos from your past that the speeches can be set to – much more interesting than watching the same angle of the same person speaking for several minutes. Similarly, audio from the speeches can be set against video from the rest of your day.

Set the scene

If you’ve spent a lot of time, effort and money on those little extras, make sure your videographer knows to include them in your wedding film. You might think that inanimate objects do not make an exciting video, but a good videographer will be able to film them in a way that brings them to life, setting them to music or speech in a way that makes it both memorable and entertaining.

Set up a video booth

If you want something that’s a bit different and a lot of fun, consider a video booth. As well as accessories such as silly hats, wigs and glasses that one would typically find on a photo booth, add some moving objects such as bubbles, silly string, confetti, flags and pom-poms. Your guests can play and dance around with the objects, which can then be set to music at the editing stage. If you are having a lot of children at your wedding, it is also a great way to keep them entertained.

Practice makes perfect

If you were born with two left feet and don’t want to cringe every time you watch back your first dance, make sure you practice well in advance. You don’t necessarily have to spend months going to dance lessons, just practice dancing to your chosen song with your partner so that you can time things right, and perhaps throw in a few fancy moves. For something a bit more adventurous, why not get your whole wedding party to join in with a flash mob style choreographed dance that will entertain you and the world of social media for years to come.