Using Professional Videography Services to Show and Tell

Professional videography services are extremely popular for capturing special events such as wedding, birthdays and anniversary parties. Their services are also popular for businesses too and are basically used where a business wants to do a ‘show and tell’ about their products, services or company.

We have all heard the old saying:  “A picture tells a thousand words.” This statement couldn’t be more true, and this is why using videography is so successful for businesses today.

Humans have multi-sensory receptors that are stimulated strongly by audio and visual information. This is where videography has a district advantage over still photography when it comes to promoting commercial products or services.

Commercial videography services are very useful tools to help business create engaging health and safety training videos that help to explain company procedures. The majority of companies that use video training for their staff report a better uptake and absorption rate using this media rather than using a text-book or paper-based procedure to train their staff. So it is more effective to do a video show and tell to get across important company information rather than handing out paper reports or booklets.

Raising company awareness

Raising awareness of your company and building your company brand and image through video is a very highly effective method of getting your message across. This is why so many business owners use video for their marketing and social media campaigns. It is human nature after all to consciously absorb what they see and hear.

When you are considering hiring a professional videographer to produce your company videos, then you need to thoroughly check out the videographers portfolio so you can test the quality of content and production values. Just because a videographer is good at using a video camera and sound equipment doesn’t always mean they will be good at directing the action, or even completing the final editing process once all the footage has been captured.

This is why you need to make sure your videographer has the appropriate training and background in recording and producing corporate and promotional films for business purposes. A wedding videographer may be very good at their job, but you need a whole different set of skills to work in corporate videography because it is a very different subject matter. The last thing you want is for your corporate video to be staged in the same way as a wedding video.

A team effort

While you can find some very talented sole operators in the professional videography business, many services will offer the skills of a team that will cover different aspects of creating a corporate video for you.

You may find that there is one person who is in charge of the camera work and filming. There may be a second person who is a sound engineer, a third that writes you a script, and a further person who will act as a director who works on your composition and is there to keep the action going swiftly and smoothly. Each will have a different role to help you generate and maintain a interesting and engaging video that people will want to watch.

Finally, your video will go through production and editing procedures to get your film ship-shape and ready for you to share. This is why you should put your trust into a professional service with a good reputation and some quality experience in producing corporate videos.