Wedding Videography

When you consider that your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime live event, you will want to make sure you capture every moment and emotion of the day as it unfolds. While it is traditional to have a wedding photographer present to capture those important moments in pictures, there is something more appealing about watching the actual footage on film. There is a deep emotional connection to your wedding day that just cannot be recreated in two dimensional stills of the event.

Once upon a time, wedding videos were seen as tacky and often embarrassing. The lack of skill on behalf of the cameraman, as well as the lack of film editing software, made wedding video’s quite cringe worthy at best. The combination of alcohol, music and crazy relatives meant that what could have been a beautiful and touching film that captured a perfect moment in time swiftly turns into a fiasco of drunken behaviour and endless rude jokes.

Photographer or Videographer?

Fortunately, time and technology have moved on. These days having a professional wedding videographer document your wedding and then weave their editing magic over the footage can truly be the best wedding investment you make.

Many couples-to-be often faced a hard choice between hiring a wedding photographer or a wedding videographer. Many couples couldn’t agree, so as a compromise both were hired. This was a sensible idea because should the couple be let down by one or the other on the day of the wedding, the couple would always have a backup. They knew they would have a record of their wedding, be that in pictures, or on film, or on both.

However, opinion has been swaying in the favour of wedding videographers in recent years. In the last five years especially, the rise in popularity of couples choosing a well produced and edited wedding film for their big day has started to outweigh that of a traditional wedding photographer.

It is one thing to have a well-staged photograph that contains all the elements of class, beauty, style and happiness – but it is quite a different thing to witness this in moving pictures where you can see every secret look, emotional reaction and real tears of joy being wiped from the eyes of your loved ones. Of the two options, which would you choose?

New technology has enabled wedding videographers to bring their skills, technical knowledge and artistic creativity to the production. These days wedding films are cinematic masterpieces that could rival the depth, clarity, quality and sweeping grandeur of a major motion picture.

Videographers are able to produce stunningly beautiful films with musical backgrounds and seamless editing and shot fading that will perfectly capture and highlight all the best bits of your wedding day. No more worrying about having to sit through and watch uncle Henry slurring his way through a rendition of ‘Isn’t she lovely’ by Stevie Wonder, or you little niece throwing a tantrum because she wanted to grab and keep the bride and groom cake toppers from your wedding cake.