Tailoring your Wedding to suit Your Tastes

Not everyone wants a traditional wedding. This can be because you are not particularly religious, or you simply want to make your wedding day more meaningful and personal than simply going through the motions of a standard service.

If you want to completely personalise your wedding to better suit your tastes, start off by asking your venue hosts or owners some questions about how flexible they can be.

Can we play our own music?

Rather than having a traditional music score playing as you walk down the isle, the bride may prefer to have her own choice of wedding music playing on a CD player or through the sound system for her big entrance.  Before you start compiling your favourite tunes, first make sure that your wedding venue actually allows you to play your own music. You will have to get your music choices approved by the registrar beforehand too.

If the venue is happy to accommodate your own music choices, it would be a good idea to drop off your music track a few days before the wedding and have it tested out on the sound system. The last thing you want is for a malfunction or issue with your CD on your big day to see you walk down the isle in silence!

Can we set our own timetable?

Being flexible with your timetable may well depend on how much time you have been allocated at your wedding venue. If your wedding ceremony has been booked before or following another booking, then you may have to adhere to the timetable that your venue recommends.

You will need to agree what time your ceremony starts and ends, as well as how long you can have for vows and speeches, wedding photographs, and the start time for the reception meal or function. The cutting of the cake is another important part of the ceremony. Many bride and grooms are doing things differently here, so may have an alternative to a traditional wedding cake. They may have a doughnut wall, personalised wedding cupcakes, or pancake and waffle stations instead.

Do we have to have a bar?

The wedding venue premises may have a fully licensed bar, but what if most of your guests are tea-total? What if you want a sober wedding where alcohol isn’t served? In these cases you may want to ask the venue if they can provide other options such as high-tea with a choice of regular and herbal teas, hot chocolate and a range of coffee.

If you would prefer to bring along your own refreshments, then check with your venue to make sure they allow this, and whether they may be able to supply equipment such as drinking glasses and pitchers.

With a marquee hire, you will have a temporary drinks license to cover the event, but you can ask if you can stock the bar yourself with your favourite tipples and soft drinks. This can often be a more cost-effective solution when your wedding budget is tight. It can be cheaper to do this than paying for the bar and the staff to manage it for the event. You could even draw up a fun rota where some of your most willing guests get a chance at a stint behind the bar and challenged to create their own unique cocktail recipe.

These are all little twists and edits that you can apply to your wedding to make it feel more unique and in-tune with your own personal tastes.