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Wedding trends come and go, but if you are the sort of person who loves keeping up with the latest fashions, then you can stay bang up to date with these high-tech wedding ideas.

When you are thinking about planning for a high-tech wedding, you will be pleased to hear that you are not alone! There are plenty of couples who want to shake off many of the traditional aspects of a wedding in favour of something more cutting edge.

Did you know that according to recent figures, over a third of couples getting married today are using technician elements to enhance their wedding. Things like hidden GoPro’s concealed within bridal bouquets and 3D printed cake decorations and table accessories are becoming more popular. Wedding planners are predicting these trends will increase over the coming years.

Hi-Tech Photography

Traditional static wedding photography has long been a mainstay of weddings. However, in the digital age the use of wedding videographers has far overtaken this requirement. Many wedding videography services are now incorporating aerial drone photography into their repertoire too as this is becoming more desirable.

In the age of the selfie-wedding, the use of hidden cameras within the bridal bouquet can give you a personalised recording of your walk down the isle. Depending on the direction of the camera, you can capture the reactions of your guests as you walk past them down the isle, or you can keep the attention on yourself and capture every emotional moment that comes across your face.

Catering for more than food

Every bride and groom-to-be expects to work out how to cater food, drink and entertainment for their guests, but now must also consider their guests tech too! A lot of couples are now having to include charging stations in their plans to enable their guests to charge their smartphones. With around 89% of adults attending weddings using smartphones, their use has now been integrated into regular wedding plans.

The rise in popularity and availability of 3D printing means that just about anything you need for your wedding can be 3D printed. From cake toppers and decorations to your wedding rings, there is no end to what you can have made. Did you know that you can even have your wedding dress 3D printed? This truly is the ultimate form of high-tech customisation!

Hi-tech RSVPs

The use of mobile RSVPs and social media is the next area that is breaking from tradition. The use of custom hashtags and e-invites not only cut down on time, but saves on buying paper invitations and wedding stationery, making the whole RSVP system a much greener process. The use of wedding websites and dedicated wedding pages on social media means that gift lists can be checked, purchased and quickly ticked off in an instant. No risk of getting three toasters and two sets of salt and pepper shakers on your big day.

Many couples are finding very useful ways of incorporating technology with tradition. This doesn’t mean that they have to be at odds with each other. Modern tech has a place where both traditional and cutting edge elements can happily co-exist.