Hire a Videographer

Most people are quite used to the idea of hiring a videographer to capture all the emotion and joy of a wedding day, but they may not automatically think of hiring a videographer to capture other important life events, such as anniversaries, christenings and special milestone birthdays.

Videography is going places fast. New technology has made it even easier for skilled videographers to create stunning films that perfectly capture your special moments in time that can prove to be priceless memories. What is more, videography is not a very affordable alternative to hiring a traditional photographer for your major life events and celebrations.

New cameras, lenses and editing software can now give everyone the ultimate cinematic recording of their special day, no matter what the event. You don’t have to save hiring a videographer just for weddings any longer!

So good are these new advances that many traditional photographers are beginning to feel a bit humbled by the services they offer. Many have gone on to re-train to be able to comfortably use video cameras and learn about handling filming in all sorts of weathers and lighting conditions rather than in their usual, very staged and formal constraints.

Capture precious moments in time

Just like filming a wedding, you other special events are rare occasions that are unique and will only ever happen once. You will only get once chance at celebrating your parents 50th Wedding anniversary, or your daughter’s 21st birthday celebration. You should never under-estimate the quality of what a professional video can deliver. Being able to re-live the event as it happened in real time is something that you cannot get from still photographs alone.

Whatever life event is worth pulling all the stops out for to celebrate is worth capturing on film. Whether it is a treasured family reunion where you know it may be your last chance to capture some of the older members of your family on film, or the first time your newborn son is introduced to his grandparents, these are the moments in time that are worth treasuring forever.

But what about DIY films?

But why not use my mobile phone camera, or even Uncle Simon’s camcorder, you ask?

Simply put, the quality of what you can capture on your own DIY equipment is not on a par with what a professional videographer can deliver. Do you know how to shoot a video? Do you know about light settings, acoustics and lenses? What about editing, do you know how to use editing software? If you want to avoid shaky camera footage, faint or muffled audio, blurred shots that are too out of focus to recognise, then go ahead! But you would be much better off hiring a professional to deliver you a film that you can be proud of and happy to share with others.

These films are destined to become some of the most treasured memories of your family. Don’t you think they deserve to have the expert treatment of a professional videographer?