Wedding Website?

In this day and age we are lucky that we can use technology to help us plan and coordinate our weddings. From email, text and instant messaging, we can have control over and keep up to date with every aspect of our wedding preparations.

However, what is taking off these days is for couples to use a wedding website as a central focus point to help organise their wedding. When used correctly, you can use your wedding website to save you a lot of time and effort. It can help all your friends and family to draw information and answer questions without having to personally bother you. Believe me, after you have had your 23rd text message asking ‘what are your dinner options again?’ you will be very happy to have put your wedding reception menu choices onto your wedding website!

What to include on your wedding website

You don’t need to have anything too flashy for your wedding website. A simple one-page-website will be fine if you only want to get across your main useful information that your guests will need to know.

Dates and times

Obviously, you will want to include the date, time and venue for your wedding as well as the location of your wedding reception, especially if your reception is to be held elsewhere at a different venue to where you plan to marry. You can include useful things like a Google map showing how to get to each venue for those who may be travelling to your wedding and are unfamiliar with the area.

For those friends or relatives who are travelling from overseas or are planning to stay the night either before or after the wedding, then you could include some links to websites for local B&B’s or hotels that they may be interested in staying at.

Emergency contact

An emergency contact number would be useful to include on your site. This is especially wise should any of your guests need to contact you urgently should they need to. If you really don’t want to be the one that answers the calls, then you could allocate this job to a trusted family member or close friend who is super organised and responsible and can remain calm and level headed during an emergency.

Short Biography

What is a really nice touch is to have a brief biography of each of the happy couple on your website. Don’t forget that there may be friends and distant family members who may never have met your partner, so may not be at all familiar with them. Including a short background story about how the two of you met and fell in love, when you got engaged and how you were proposed to will add a deeper level of connection for your guests.

You can save a lot of time and effort by having your RSVP online. For those who may not be so technically savvy, there will always be someone around who can answer on their behalf. This will also save your guests having to write and post a physical RSVP and can often give you better results because it is easier for your guests to reply online.


Wedding gift list


To avoid confusion and duplicate present giving, you can include your wedding gift list on your site. This can be in the form of a direct link to a store that is managing your gift list, or it can be a simple list that you create and manage yourself where guests can tick off what they will buy.