The Essential Guide to Choosing a Wedding Videographer

Your up and coming wedding day is going to be one of the most memorable days of your life. So it really should be professionally recorded so you can create some memories that will be cherished forever. Memories do tend to fade with time, but you can help to keep them alive and vivid in your mind with a well-produced wedding film.

By using a fully trained professional wedding videographer, your big day will be expertly captured by someone who knows what they are doing. From your grand entrance at the head of the isle, to the last moments of your evening wedding reception, you will have all of these highlights captured on film to re-watch, share with others and enjoy forever.

Let’s take a look at some top tips for making sure that you select the right wedding videographer for your big day.

Get recommendations

Firstly, you should ask for recommendations from friends and family that may have used a videographer to shoot their wedding day. This will give you valuable information about whether they were completely happy with their service, what they particularly liked – or anything that they would go back and change, given the choice.

Ask about their videography equipment

Check that a potential videographer carries the most up to date recording equipment and is well versed about using it. Watch the sample video’s they provide for you and notice if the videographer is happy to produce different styles of wedding film. If what examples they give you all look the same and hard to distinguish between, maybe they simply don’t know the difference between different film styles, such as cinematic or chronological styles.

Look at their production quality

You may be lucky to find a videographer that has a good eye for capturing your most beautiful moments, but they may lack the ability to adequately record the sounds and speeches being made. If you think their examples look beautiful, but the sound quality is lacking, then ask about their microphones and their sound editing equipment.

Do they have more staff?

Depending on the size of your wedding and the number of guests you are inviting along, you may need to hire more than one videographer to ensure the events of your wedding are adequately covered.

This is especially important if you are planning a big wedding which is being hosted in many different rooms of a wedding premises. Once single videographer cannot possibly manage to be present in every room at once, so you may miss out on some very tender and precious moments happening elsewhere that you are completely unaware of.

Keep your wedding style in mind

Be careful to properly explain your choice of wedding style to your videographer. If you are planning a lively retro style wedding with lots of fun elements, the last thing you want your videographer to do is to produce a sweeping romantic production with orchestral background music as your wedding film soundtrack.

Good communication is essential if you want to get what you want from your wedding videographer.