Everything you wanted to ask about wedding videography

Why should we film our wedding?

In the days and weeks before your wedding, you will probably loose count of the number of people who say something like “enjoy your day, it will go by so quickly”. It is only after your wedding day has been and gone you will realise just how true these words are. The best way to make your wedding day live on for many years to come is to have it filmed. Whilst photos are nice to have, they do not capture the essence and emotion of the day in quite the same way as a film can.

More and more people are choosing to have a videographer at their wedding. As video recording equipment becomes increasingly affordable, the number of skilled videographers is increasing, and thanks to lower costs for equipment, hiring one to film your wedding has never been more affordable.

Why should we hire a professional videographer?

By hiring a professional videographer, you will find yourself with an end product resembling a film of your wedding day, rather than just a video.

A professional videographer has the skills and equipment for filming a wedding that even the most well-meaning friends and relatives can’t compete with. Equipment such as professional quality HD cameras and wireless microphones mean that they can capture your wedding day in a way that however hard they try, amateurs cannot.

A professional will also edit your wedding video to a high standard. Very few people have the time to sit and revisit their wedding day in its entirety, and having a well edited video can make the difference between wanting to watch it again and again, and putting it away in a box, only to dig it out to show your children as they are about to get married.

As with big screen film directors, each videographer will have their own artistic vision. Some you will immediately fall in love with, others you might find less appealing. Shop around, and look at plenty of example videos in order to get an idea of what you want for your wedding day before choosing which videographer to hire.

Will the videographer get in the way?

In a word, no. A videographer is there to document your day, not to be a crucial part of it. A good videographer will be able to film your and your guests in a way that is subtle enough that you will soon forget they are there. Professional videographers are used to working with photographers, so they won’t get in one another’s way, spoiling each other’s shots.

Whilst videographers are mainly there to observe and document, if you have anything special you want filmed, let them know about it beforehand, and they should be able to accommodate you. This could be anything from a ‘flash mob’ style choreographed dance, through to setting up a space where your friends and family can leave you a short video message, should they wish.

How long will the videographer be there for?

This entirely depends on your chosen videographer, and what package you choose to buy from them. Most videographers will have several packages for you to pick from, after all, no two weddings are the same. What suits you might not suit somebody else. You may choose only to have the key moments, such as the wedding ceremony, speeches, cake cutting and first dance filmed. Alternatively, you might choose to have the day filmed right through from getting ready in the morning, through to the end of the evening. As you would expect, the price will vary depending on how many videographers you have and how long they are there for.

Even if you don’t want your videographer with you while you are getting ready, you may still want to ask them to arrive early so that they can get some scenic shots of your venues, as it is unlikely there will be much time for this later in the day. Whilst this might not sound important now, it is shots like this that really bring the film together at the final editing stage.

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